Paleo Challenge – 40 Meals – Small

Paleo Challenge – 40 Meals – Small

A modern paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. These are foods that in the past people could get by hunting and gathering. It does not include foods that became more common when small-scale farming began about 10,000 years ago. These excluded foods include grains, legumes, and dairy products.

Some food scientists have found that the Paleo diet is more easily digested by the body, and thus, believe that it is healthier as it includes less processed foods.


This package consists:

  • 40 x 350g fresh, and healthy meals
  • 4 x fresh deliveries of 10 meals per delivery
  • Additional fresh deliveries may be added at an additional charge


Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more


Week One

1. Curry roasted-chicken with roasted Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato Mash (Cal:360 Fat: 13g Pro: 38g Carb: 25g) 2. Pumpkin Pot Roast (Cal: 430 Fat: 28g Pro: 29g Carb: 16g) 3. Pulled Beef and Butternut Bake with stewed Tomatoes and Red Onion (Cal: 620 Fat: 38g Pro: 44g Carb: 25g) 4. Creole Chicken with Spinach, roasted Pumpkin, and Carrots (Cal: 300 Fat: 7g Pro: 44g Carb: 20g) 5. Beef Burger Patties with sauteed Baby Spinach, Tomato Salsa, Onions, and Sweet Potato Fries (Cal: 380 Fat: 19g Pro: 26g Carb: 27g) 6. Lemon Rosemary Chicken Breasts with sauteed Green Beans and roasted Pumpkin (Cal: 340 Fat: 13g Pro: 38g Carb: 16g) 7. Teriyaki Steak with Chili Brussel Sprouts and Buttered Garlic Courgettes (Cal: 300 Fat: 10g Pro: 43g Carb: 13g) 8. Dijon Beef Sausage Casserole with Swiss Chard and Mashed Butternut (Cal: 430 Fat: 22g Pro: 37 Carb: 17g) 9. Chimichurri Beef Steak, with sauteed Baby Spinach, and Herb-infused Moroccan Cauliflower “Couscous” (Cal: 400 Fat: 18g Pro: 67g Carb: 28g) 10. Herbs De Provence Chicken with Garlic Broccoli and Spaghetti Squash (Cal: 370 Fat: 17g Pro: 38g Carb: 14g) 

Week Two

1. Sage and Cherry Chicken Meatballs with sauteed Kale and Delicata Squash (Cal: 410 Fat: 21g Pro: 31g Carb: 28g) 2. Smoked Brisket with Swiss Chard and Rosemary-Garlic Sweet Potato Wedges (Cal: 590 Fat: 37 Pro: 36g Carb: 28g) 3. Paprika crusted-chicken with Sweet Potato Mash (Cal: 450 Fat: 23g Pro: 37g Carb: 25g) 4. Jerk Chicken with Garlic Spinach and Curried Cauliflower (Cal: 510 Fat: 32g Pro:40g Carb: 16g) 5. Beefy Sweet Potato Cottage Pie with sauteed Baby Spinach (Cal: 420 Fat: 27g Pro: 36g Carb: 13g) 6. Baked Chicken and Oregano Meatballs with Mustard-Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Sweet Potato (Cal: 530 Fat: 36g Pro: 28g Carb: 27g) 7. Grilled Chipotle Steak with roasted Broccoli, Red Onion, and Beetroot (Cal: 505Fat: 29g Pro: 33g Carb: 28g) 8. Lemon and herb baked Hake Fillets with roasted Cauliflower and Butternut (Cal:440 Fat: 24g Pro: 41g Carb: 17g) 9. Sumac and Garlic Chicken Kebabs with Crispy Kale Chips and roasted Sweet Potato (Cal: 460 Fat: 28g Pro: 38g Carb: 15g) 10. Grilled Chicken Over Arugula Cacio E Pepe (Cal: 390 Fat: 17g Pro: 35g Carb:29g) 

Week Three

1. Mushroom and Sage Chicken Meatloaf with Curried Cabbage and Butternut(Cal: 370 Fat: 21 Pro: 31g Carb: 19g 2. Marinara Beef Stew with Dates, Carrots and Sweet Potato (Cal: 480 Fat: 26g Pro:31g Carb: 34g) 3. Citrus Cilantro and Cumin Chicken Meatballs with Spinach and roasted Sweet Potato (Cal: 630 Fat: 34 Pro: 44g Carb: 46) 4. Almond and Herb-crusted baked Chicken Thighs with roasted Butternut and sauteed Green Beans (Cal: 450 Fat: 24g Pro: 42g Carb: 17g) 5. Hungarian Beef Goulash with Cauliflower ‘rice’ (Cal: 490 Fat: 34g Pro: 30 Carbs:18g) 6. Lemon-garlic and Chili Prawns with Zoodles (zucchini noodles) (Cal: 224 Fat: 8g Pro: 26g Carb: 12g) 7. Carne Asada Skirt Steak with roasted Cauliflower and Coconut Cabbage Slaw(Cal: 440 Fat: 20g Pro: 35g Carb: 26g) 8. Beef Mince Pie with Tomato-pepper & Spinach Shakshuka, and ‘Spaghetti’ Gem Squash (Cal: 470 Fat: 30g Pro: 37g Carb: 16g) 9. Chicken Zoodle Stew (Cal: 380 Fat: 15g Pro: 35g Carb: 13g) 10. Lemon Pepper Chicken with Garlic Kale and Butternut Squash and Mushroom ‘Risotto’ (Cal: 440 Fat: 26g Pro: 35g Carb: 17g) 

Week Four

1. Salsa Chicken with sauteed Spinach and Cilantro Gem Squash ‘Spaghetti’ (Cal: 350 Fat:17g Pro: 25g Carb: 15g 2. Moroccan Chicken with Green Beans, Onions, and Mashed Sweet Potato (Cal: 410 Fat: 13g Pro: 44g Carb: 29g) 3. Curried Beef Mince with Paprika Potatoes and Peas (Cal: 490 Fat:28g Pro:38g Carb: 22g) 4. Chili and lime baked Fish with roasted Peppers, Pumpkin, and Onions (Cal: 320 Fat: 14g Pro: 44g Carb: 14g) 5. Beefy Sausage-Stuffed Butternut with Apples and Cranberries (Cal: 530 Fat: 37g Pro: 35g Carb: 14g) 6. Grilled Chicken with ‘Spaghetti’ Gem Squash Carbonara (Cal: 350 Fat: 13g Pro: 43 Carb:16g) 7. Roasted Garlic Marinara Beef Meatballs with Mushroom Ragout and SpaghettiSquash (Cal: 430 Fat: 26g Pro: 35g Carb: 15g) 8. Rosemary-Dijon crusted-chicken breast with roasted Broccoli and baked Apples (Cal: 420 Fat: 3g Pro: 37g Carb: 23g) 9. Bean-less Chicken Chili (Cal: 360 Fat: 14g Pro: 40g Carb: 18g) 10. Steak Stir-fry with Sweet Potato Noodles (Cal: 340 Fat: 15g Pro: 37g Carb: 14g)Download Menu

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