Plant-based Mission Slim-possible Challenge – 40 Meals

Plant-based Mission Slim-possible Challenge – 40 Meals

The TaylaMade Plant-based Mission Slim-possible Challenge

350g: R3,599.00

Lose the kg’s with specialised calorie-controlled warming-comfort meals

  • Four weeks
  • 20 x 350g lunch meals
  • 20 x 350g dinner meals
  • 1 x fresh delivery per week (total of 4 deliveries)
  • Extra deliveries may be added on, at an extra charge
  • All meals are below 450 calories
  • Meals are low-fat, low to medium carbohydrates, as well as high protein
  • VEG – Vegetarian (may include eggs, or dairy)
  • VGN – Vegan (fully plant-based)


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  • VEG – Vegetarian (may include eggs, or dairy)
  • VGN – Vegan (fully plant-based)
Week One
  1. Monday Lunch: Cheesy cauliflower & spinach gratin with mozzarella cheese Cals: 483 (VEG)
  2. Monday Dinner: Hearty pinto bean chili Cals: 428 (VGN)
  3. Tuesday Lunch: One skillet Mexican black bean and rice casserole Cals: 418 (VGN)
  4. Tuesday Dinner: Coconut-creamed garlic, mushroom, and spinach ‘alfredo’ pasta Cals: 456 (VGN)
  5. Wednesday Lunch: Thai red curry with crispy rice and red lentils Cals: 461 (VGN)
  6. Wednesday Dinner: Bun-less smoky lentil jalapeño burger Cals: 488 (VGN)
  7. Thursday Lunch: Stuffed butternut squash with lentil-apple filling, and brown rice Cals: 484 (VGN)
  8. Thursday Dinner: Ricotta-spinach, butternut, and tofu lasagne with parmesan cheese Cals: 486 (VEG)
  9. Friday Lunch: Cashew creme, lentil, and toasted pumpkin seed lasagne with sunflower seed pesto Cals: 366 (VGN)
  10. Friday Dinner: Passata lentil bolognese with spaghetti Cals: 498 (VGN)
Week Two
  1. Monday Lunch: Crispy peanut, tofu & cauliflower ‘rice’ stir-fry Cals: 303 (VGN)
  2. Monday Dinner: Creamy red pepper pasta bake Cals: 446 (VGN)
  3. Tuesday Lunch: Buffalo chickpea stuffed sweet potato Cals: 463 (VGN)
  4. Tuesday Dinner: Cashew cauliflower korma curry Cals: 329 (VGN)
  5. Wednesday Lunch: Caramelised onion, feta & roasted pumpkin tart Cals: 312 (VEG)
  6. Wednesday Dinner: Chickpea & sweet potato stew Cals: 357 (VGN)
  7. Thursday Lunch: Maple-roasted pecan & wild rice pilaf Cals: 277 (VGN)
  8. Thursday Dinner: Golden red lentil & sweet potato dhal Cals: 351 (VGN)
  9. Friday Lunch: Cranberry-quinoa grain salad with leafy greens and a creamy tahini dressing Cals: 411 (VGN)
  10. Friday Dinner: Spaghetti al limone with toasted almonds and cumin-infused golden chickpea falafels Cals: 472 (VGN)
Week Three
  1. Monday Lunch: Tofu rogan josh with brown rice and roasted sweet potato Cals: 432 (VGN)
  2. Monday Dinner: Marinara “ricotta” lasagne Cals: 397 (VGN)
  3. Tuesday Lunch: Jalapeno chili cornbread casserole Cals: 368 (VGN)
  4. Tuesday Dinner: Lemongrass Thai green curry with quinoa Cals: 462 (VGN)
  5. Wednesday Lunch: Marinara lentil and sweet potato ‘shepherd’s’ pie Cals: 274 (VGN)
  6. Wednesday Dinner: Whole 30 golden falafel Buddha bowl Cals: 363 (VGN)
  7. Thursday Lunch: Mexicana black bean enchilada Cals: 405 (VGN)
  8. Thursday Dinner: Butternut macaroni and cheese Cals: 482 (VEG)
  9. Friday Lunch: Chickpea Tagine with couscous and sauteed spinach Cals: 345 (VGN)
  10. Friday Dinner: Italian passata lentil & mushroom Bolognese (VGN) Cals: 434
Week Four
  1. Monday Lunch: Mushroom alfredo pasta Cals: 487 (VEG)
  2. Monday Dinner: Sun-dried tomato and pumpkin risotto with toasted pumpkin seeds Cals: 378 (VEG)
  3. Tuesday Lunch: Burns veggie stew with chickpea and sweet potato dumplings Cals: 478 (VGN)
  4. Tuesday Dinner: Our special cauliflower tikka masala with basmati rice Cals: 351 (VGN)
  5. Wednesday Lunch: Grilled eggplant and tofu steaks with sticky hoisin glaze and roasted sweet potato fries Cals: 286 (VGN)
  6. Wednesday Dinner: 3-cheese basil pesto florentine lasagne Cals: 461 (VEG)
  7. Thursday Lunch: Creamy butternut & smoky chickpea soup Cals: 405 (VGN)
  8. Thursday Dinner: Red lentil dhal with basmati rice Cals: 478 (VGN)
  9. Friday Lunch: Veggie pizza with roasted butternut and cauliflower, spinach, feta, baby tomatoes, and olives (Serving: 2 slices) Cals: 464 (VEG)
  10. Friday Dinner: Coconut Thai butter chickpea stew with basmati rice Cals: 456 (VGN)

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